Hi, I'm Mario García, freelance web developer


I analyze the specific requirements of your project, every detail is very important to create the perfect product.


I use the best technological tools for each case, allowing the optimum performance possible.


The production of each project is done in the environment in which it performs best, according to its requirements.


Each project is unique, here some of them.


In my beginnings I worked for 3 and a half years with C#, ASP.NET MVC Framework and SQL Server, along with front-end technologies like jQuery and Bootstrap and mobile like Sencha Touch, jQuery Mobile and Apache Cordova. Before leaving my first job as a developer I started developing freelance projects with PHP, the CodeIgniter framework and MySQL as the database, starting at my next job I decided to direct the business to open technologies adopting Laravel PHP framework and Angular for the front-end, Wordpress and Jekyll for websites, Ionic and Apache Cordova for apps and GIT as versioning software. And without a doubt my favorite language is Javascript, so lately I have oriented my projects in technologies based on this one like Node.js, and Angular.


During these years I have had the opportunity to grow and be able to offer these services.

Software development

Do you have an idea, a project or a process that you want to automate? Talk to me! I'm sure we can do it.


Do you have an ugly, outdated and boring website? Or do not even have that? Tell me! I will create something great for you and your business.

Apps development

Do you need presence in any location? Contact me! We will achieve it with applications on mobile devices.


Do you want a store open 24 hours a day and with no inventory limit? Call me! We will put in motion all your products.

About me

Hi, I'm Mario, I was born and I live in Tijuana, the border with the United States. From an early age, I was very passionate about the computer world, I went to a computer school where I discovered that this was the career I wanted to study, and I did. Before leaving the university I worked at El Mexicano, a regional newspaper, as a software developer, where I had the opportunity to learn a lot, and after 3 and a half years, together with 2 co-workers, we opened our Digital Marketing company, Gestión Digital, where I spent 2 years and learned a lot of Marketing, website development, SEO, etc., but I decided to separate me from the company and start as a freelancer devoting myself to my passion that is software development and the challenges that this entails.

Fun facts

41 Finished projects
2343409 Lines of code
2227 Cups of coffee
22 Happy clients

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